Window Treatments For Your Sliding Glass Door


Sliding glass door window treatments can now get out from under the oppression of sliding vertical blinds.

Those fabric-covered monstrosities are a hangover from the eighties, and there are attractive alternatives out there that are great looking and easy on the budget. Keep reading to learn more.

Screen It Off

If you’re not planning to use the door as a regular entranceway in and out of your home, a screen can by a stylish and functional way to section off a screen door.

Paper screens will still allow in the light and some savvy homeowners are even mounting shoji doors, or rice-paper screens, directly onto their existing sliding glass doors. This creates a unique indoor look, while still retaining the functionality of a sliding glass door. Window treatments only improve the appearance.

Simple Window Treatment

If your sliding door doesn’t require a lot of privacy – for example, it looks out on the backyard – and you’re okay with unfiltered light, try simply throwing a basic swag curtain that runs over the top and hangs down the side of your sliding door.

This basic curtain design is simple, easy to make, looks decorative and won’t block access or family traffic in and out of your sliding glass door.

Tempered or Opaque Glass

Glass that’s opaque or etched can provide you with privacy while still allowing in light, though the light will be somewhat filtered or diminished. If you’re replacing the glass on your sliding doors, opt for tempered safety glass. It’s more expensive, but it won’t shatter when it’s broken and is more durable and resistant to breakage.

Before you make a final decision on your sliding glass door window treatments, ask yourself how high-traffic the door area will be and how much light you want to come through the window.

For example, you don’t want to block off the walkway if you plan to use the door on a regular basis, just as you don’t want to shut out a valuable light source to the room.

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