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Garden Design

One of the most enjoyable aspects of having a home is to be able to go outside and enjoy the yard and garden area. Sitting in a beautifully designed garden and relaxing with a good book or a good friend is really a pleasure that helps restore and rejuvenate both the body and the mind. In addition many businesses and homes use their designer garden as an extension of the interior of their house. Courtyards and patios can be used for both personal entertaining and completing business transactions. Many of these designer gardens use a theme approach to the garden and landscaping.

What look to choose

The design of the garden is really a matter of personal taste. Designs that compliment the existing lines of the house, outbuildings, existing fences or retaining walls will accent different features of the landscape. Color, texture and the materials used to pave the patio area of the garden can add to the theme of the garden. A Victorian style garden with wrought iron accents and flagstone type paving materials transports the visitor back in time and creates an atmosphere of quiet country living. A popular look is the natural or rustic garden that is less landscaped and more free-flowing in structure. This design may favor gravel walkways or natural grass to walk on between gardens.

A small patio garden can be developed where the paving material and colors are actually the central focus of the garden and the plants are more the accent items. Different levels of seating areas can make a small area appear more spacious.

Water gardens are popular for their peaceful and tranquil atmosphere and also for the natural wildlife that they will attract. Birds and butterflies will be drawn to the water and the flowers and plants that surround it. Waterfalls in gardens add a soothing sound to the garden as well as provide added humidity for the foliage.

Benefits of a designer garden

The most obvious benefit of a designer garden is the beauty it brings to your home and yard. A designer garden becomes an extension of the house for outdoor entertaining, dining and relaxing. Many designer gardens include a sheltered or screened in area for more formal occasions and an open space for informal gatherings.

In addition to the aesthetic value of a designer garden there is also the increase in the eye appeal of the property. This is especially important for the resale value of a house or other living space. A lovely garden area is something that most people imagine or envision for themselves, but many people are unsure of how to maintain and design a garden. A house that has an existing designer garden allows prospective buyers to see the area already landscaped and to provide an additional feature that is not available in every other home on the market. Remember that a designer garden is unique to your home, so it will really have an impact on buyers looking for something that is original.

In many new subdivisions or developments the houses look pretty much the same. A landscaped yard and garden will make your property look unique and cared for. This is turn will add value to the house and make it more marketable.

A designer garden is a relatively inexpensive addition to your home that adds value as well as a peaceful environment for you and your family.

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