Things To Remember About Diy Home Security.


“What should I look out for when selecting a system?” you may ask, well we provide “self install” systems of professional trade quality that far exceeds the features and reliability of systems found in your local DIY store and we compete with the top-end professional wired systems installed by other companies.

These are fine but you will pay two or three times the cost compared to our Professional Wirefree intruder systems. Because they are wirefree, they are very simply to install but they do not skip on quality, performance or reliability. Remember, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely happy with your system and we have on line free ring-back phone support

A wirefree home security system that you could install yourself would only cost around £300 to £700 depending on the size of your home and number of devices required. There is little disruption and no redecorating to do because the sensors are highly encrypted radio devices. Technology has moved on a long way recently and the hype about wireless being inferior is now nonsense.

In fact, it was the early DIY off the shelf burglar alarms that gave the industry a bad name and for good reason. We still strongly recommend that it is worth the extra money and buy a quality intruder alarm system. After all, how much do you value your home and contents? £200? Hopefully you will rate it higher than that so why cut corners? Take a look at our prices.

The Visonic Powermax system is now without doubt the very best wireless home security system on the market today and certainly in this price range. Our customers consistently have told us how impressed they are, but don’t take our word for it just try it and see for yourself for 30 days. In fact it is not just an alarm system, it can also be a home automation system as it supports X10 protocol via an optional interface.

(X10 is fast becoming a world standard for data control of home appliance and lamp switching among other remote control solutions via mains encoded data or radio) The range of features and ease of installation easily gives this our highest five stars recommendation. It really does not matter if you have a one bedroom flat, a 12 bedroom country manor house, or even small commercial use as the system can be expanded with up to 16 signal boosters and 29 wireless detection devices.

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