The Worst Advices We’ve Heard For Moving Blankets.


Moving Blankets

Planning to move to a new home? Do you have lots of valuable items and furniture that need to be moved? If so, it may be a smart idea to invest in some moving blankets. Moving blankets, while not an absolute necessity, are definitely very helpful during the moving process, allowing you to keep your belongings safe and clean during the move.

What  are   moving blankets?

They are simply blankets that you place over top of your furniture (or other valuable household items) to help protect them from damage. In general, moving blankets weigh somewhere between 3 and 8 pounds per blanket and are filled with cotton and polyester padding. This makes them perfect for the moving processes, allowing you to protect your belongings from dings and scratches while moving from one place to another. They will not only help protect your furniture, but also your floors and carpets.

How do you use them?

That’s easy! Begin by wrapping the blanket around your furniture (or other household item). When you wrap, make sure to wrap tightly and wrap the entire object. This way, you will leave no scratches if you need to slide it across the floor. Next, you will need to secure the blanket. You can do this using packing tape. Simple right? Now comes the hard part – moving all that heavy furniture into the van!

What about when you’re finished moving?

Do you just throw the blankets away? Absolutely not! Besides wrapping furniture, moving blankets also have many other potential uses. If you have pets, use them for pet bedding. Moving blankets are both soft and durable, making them perfect for your pets. They are also much cheaper than store bought pet blankets and beds!

They are also a great option for children’s playrooms, especially if they are located in a basement with a cold floor. They are great for both keeping your children’s feet warm and building awesome looking blanket forts! Also, and quite surprisingly, many people like to use these blankets for soundproofing. So, if you have a drum room in the basement of your house, be sure to keep these blankets around!

How much do moving blankets costs?

The cost of the blankets depend on where you go and how big of a blanket you need. Standard size blankets usually average about $5 per blanket. If you do not want to buy, you can also rent moving blankets, but it is usually near the same price as buying, making buying the most effective option.

If you are moving, you will need to invest in several different moving supplies. Moving blankets, while not a necessity, are definitely helpful to have, preventing you from scratching your floors and keeping your furniture free from damage during the moving process. To find the best deal on moving boxes, begin searching now. There are many places that sell moving boxes, so be sure to search around for the best deal.

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