The Truth About Home Moving Checklist Is About To Be Revealed.


When it comes time to move into a new home, either across town or across the country, it can be a very stressful time on everyone in the family. Use this simple checklist to help you with your next move and keep it as stress free as possible.

Six Weeks or More Before Your Move

Get Your Move Started – The biggest part of moving your belongings from one house to the other is how you do the move. Will you use a moving company? Will you rent a truck and move yourself? Will you need help from family and friends?

Start the process of your move by researching different moving companies and their costs. Once you settle on one, then immediately reserve the date of your move. If you are going to be moving yourself, then start contacting people asking them for help on your moving day.

Sell or Give Away Unused Items – This is also the time when you want to begin getting rid of items that you do not use anymore. You can hold a yard sale, list valuables on eBay, or simply give away things to Goodwill or recycling centers.

Make Personal Arrangements – When you move out of the area there are many things that must be transferred or changed. Go over all the aspects of your life and make sure that you can make a seamless transition from place to place. This will include schools for children, new bank accounts, new doctors, and transferring mail. Contact any creditors and change your address to the new one so that you do not fall behind on any bills.

Five Weeks Before the Move Date

Take Note of Valuables – Once you have all of the logistics nailed down you can then begin the process of getting your items ready. To begin this process make a list of all the items you are going to be taking. Take pictures of the valuable items and keep double copies. If you do not have a safe, then look into buying one for keeping your documents and jewelry safe during your move.

Pack Non-Essential Items – After you have determined what you are taking, and have taken note of each item, you should start packing everything you will not need for the next five weeks. Label each box and store in garage, or a room of your home.  Start scouring the local businesses for boxes to pack things in so that you have enough.

Four Weeks Before The Move Date

Get final arrangements completed with any outstanding commitments or items. Create a plan from which you can use up all your food and start cleaning the empty rooms and portions of your home.

Moving Week

The few weeks before the actual move date should include packing the last items of your home. You should also make sure that the rental truck will be available and that your helpers know of the date and time. Once the moving day gets here you will be ready and with considerably less stress.

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