Pick Sliding Doors by Type – Whether It Exterior or Interior


Generally, sliding doors are available in five types that are wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass composite, and foam core. Each type of sliding door made from different material. The material will influence door durability, energy-efficient, style, and strength. One thing very important to pick the right type is place where you install the door, whether it exterior or interior.

If you need sliding doors for exterior, you need to pick weather resistant sliding door because the door will be subjected to direct sunlight and moisture. The most common doors for exterior are vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass composite due to ability to stand sunlight exposure and moisture. Vinyl is good choice for price, but it is having limitation to resist sunlight because the color will fade after long sunlight exposure.

Aluminum door is good weather resistant, but it is the lowest energy efficient. Then we come to fiberglass composite as the best for exterior because it can resist any weather condition, even the extreme one such as freezing weather. It is also energy-efficient that will help you to reduce your heating and cooling bill. The other benefit from sliding patio doors made from composite material, is that they can make it look like real wood. So when you need wood style for your exterior, you should not use the real timber door but you can pick composite door. Actually, you can use any type of sliding door for exterior but you need to concern with the finish. For wood and foam core sliding doors, you need to pick one with vinyl or aluminum clad shell around it as protection from weathered.

For interior, you should not worry with sunlight or moisture but you need to concern with sliding doors style and cost. Wood door is best appearance but it cost you more, not only when you buy it but also for maintenance. Vinyl door may not look elegant, but various colors will look great on kid room. Composite door could be a good choice to for both appearance and cost. It can have real wood look and low maintenance cost.

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