Painting Kitchen Cabinets Can Save Money And Get the Look That You Want in You Kitchen.


Painting kitchen cabinets is a good option for those who want to add a new personality & give their kitchen a custom look. It doesn’t cost you a lot of time or expense. There are three basic ways of upgrading your kitchen cabinets. These are:
Attaching decorative molding or replacing just the doors.

As you know custom kitchen cabinets are expensive. You, however, can give you kitchen cabinets a custom look for a lot less money just by applying your mind.

Want some help in painting you kitchen cabinet?

Sure, read on…
You’ll need:
Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers
Drilling machines and drill bits
New handles (your choice of design)
New hinges
Random orbit sander
Vibrating sander
Fine grit sandpaper
100-grit sandpaper
Large plastic sheet
Paint brush
Oil-based primer
Oil-based paint
Wood putty
Dust Mask & safety glasses

Getting rid the Old Finish

Before you begin, hang plastic sheets over the doorways & windows. You don’t want dust to spread throughout the house. Then remove the doors, hinges and handles from the cabinets. Sand the doors and cabinet frames. Use a random-orbit sander with 100-grit paper to remove the old finish and a vibrating sander to give the wood a smooth surface. If you have one of those random-orbit sanders, which can be attached to a vacuum cleaner, your house will be spared of a lot of dust.

Next come the grooves. Use a sanding block or a detail sander with 60-grit paper for the grooves and other tight corners. Be careful not to round off any square edges while sanding.

If you find any dents, chips and nicks in the cabinet, fill them with wood putty. Set it aside to dry. Once dry sand it smooth. Wipe the wood with a damp cloth, and let dry. Now you’re ready to paint…

Painting Cabinets

Take the cabinet, which you have prepared by filling the dents and nicks with wood putty and smoothened and dried. Before you apply paint to the cabinet surface, prepare it by applying a coat of oil-based primer to the cabinets and doors. Make sure the application is as consistent as possible. The primer prevents the wood from soaking up too much paint. A primer/sealer works also to prevent stains from showing through.

Now you’re ready to paint! 

Apply a coat of oil-based paint to the cabinets and doors. Using as long strokes as possible. For cabinets, preferably use oil-based paint instead of latex paint because it dries harder and has less tendency to stick to your dishes. Oil-based paints have a strong odor; hence make sure you’re painting in a open or well aired room. Points to remember:

Buy good quality paint and equipment. A good quality paint will cost a bit more but the expensive paint will last longer and be easier to apply. A good brush allows you to paint more smoothly.

Paint the backs of the cabinets first. That way you won’t coat your arms with paint.

Lining your paint bucket with aluminum foil will make cleaning it easier after you finish.

Re-installing the cabinet doors

Well, you have just painted the cabinets and the paint is still wet. Allow the paint to dry for a couple of days, then dry-fit hinges to the doors. Use self-squaring hinges, which automatically align when placed on the edge of the door. If the hinges are not self-squaring, draw a reference line and line each hinge up with the line. The hinges should be placed 2″ above the bottom and 2″ below the top of the door. It might be a good idea to drill pilot holes and secure the hinges to the doors with screws. Fix the cabinet door handles.

Ordinarily, the handles will fit into the original mounting holes. If not, fill the old holes with wood putty and apply a coat of paint to hide them and drill new ones. Fit the handles into the mounting holes, and secure them with screws. A typical refinishing job will cost about $200–much less than the cost of custom cabinets. For a little money and work, you can turn an old, outdated kitchen into something a lot more fresh and modern. painting-kitchen-cabinets

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