Master Bedroom Makeovers – Some Remodeling Ideas


It is often true to say that remodeling the master bedroom is one of the last places in the home that receives a makeover but it has become one of the most desirable on homeowner’s lists.

In recent times, homeowners have seen the benefits of turning this room into more than just a room to sleep; for example, a reading room or just a place to relax. The French of course have always led the world in designing sexy bedrooms, and now people everywhere have started to follow their lead and makeover their bedrooms for sensual as well as other reasons.

To make this work, certain colors like subtle shades of pink, deep reds and pastel peaches are needed. Try using a number of mirrors in areas that will reflect the light supplied by candles and maybe add a few plants; you will achieve shadows that will create an air of mystery. Candles are also useful but they need mirrors to enhance the reflections or you can add plants which will also provide the same effect.

The problem is getting the lighting just right as you do not want to have really bright lights in a bedroom but softer more relaxed shades that will not strain the eyes but still make it easy to read. Traditionally to achieve the best effect in a room for reading in you should look towards the softer shades of ivory, amber and slate blue.

There are those individuals that view a bedroom as a kind of place to go to get away from everyone else so if you are doing a master bedroom remodel and are looking to provide this style, try to add big pillows and cushions and perhaps the odd landscape painting.

Generally a relaxing lounge chair with a floor lamp and table will also work well if you want to use it as a reading room as well. Of course when remodeling your master bedroom this way, pictures of your family (preferably in antique brass frames) should be placed around the room to provide a sanctuary like feeling.

Colors that work well in private sanctuaries include navy or cobalt blues, deep chocolates, and forest greens as darker colors create a womb or cave like feeling and aid deep sleep.

Often people who like to read also enjoy writing and a small bureau can be extremely effective as can something to listen to your favorite music on but obviously this depends on the space you have available.

Some people even conceal a fridge in the room which would also give the feeling you were in a hotel suite but one designed to your own tastes. This could be a challenge as once this type of master bedroom makeover project is complete; you may not want to leave it.

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