Kitchen Cabinet Knobs: Tips For Finding The Best Knobs


These ready kitchen decorating ideas & decor tips will give you your dream kitchen.

People call it the ‘seven year itch.’ Every seven years people want changes in their lives. Some want to change their whole life while others want to change their house, or their jobs, or their golf clubs, or just their kitchens. When it comes to decorating kitchens, kitchen decorating ideas is the most trusted source.

What kinds of kitchen cabinet knobs are best for your kitchen? It’s really imposible to just give a blanket answer, as this will be different for each person depending on their kitchen design.

It really just depends on the overall kitchen theme you are trying to achieve. You obviously wouldn’t want to match animal shaped knobs with a serious and elegant overall interior design, as these would clash.

This is an extreme example, but often times poorly chosen knobs can really hamper a kitchen’s look, even though they are often a neglected part of the kitchen design.

Therefore, the first thing you need to remember when looking for the best kitchen cabinet knobs is that they have to match them with your overall interior decor, or the look will simply not fly. The size is crucial as well.

You don’t want a very large knob on a smaller cabinet, as it will be far too prominent. Generally speaking, 1 to 1 ½ inches in diameter is the right choice for your kitchen cabinet knobs, although again, this will depend on the overall size of your kitchen cabinets.

This is more complicated than you thought, right? Most people spend their whole time on their kitchen cabinet design, and generally throw the knobs on as an afterthought. The reality is, these will really add or subtract from your overall design theme, so don’t take them lightly.

You can also get kitchen cabinet knobs in many design themes, in addition to the ones I described above. They will come in modern themes, old western, country, etc. Again, which you decide on depends on the overall look you are going for with your kitchen design.

The reality is, while choosing your kitchen cabinet knobs might not seem like a huge decision, you would be surprised by how much they really affect your overall kitchen design. Therefore, take your time and make an informed decision that will help you bring out the rest of your kitchen.

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