Indoor Gardening Plant Care


When I was a child, I spent a lot of time outdoors reading, writing, playing, and gardening with my mother. I was lucky enough to grow up with a spacious yard filled with all manner of plants. I grew accustomed to this, and looked forward to one day having my own garden and yard to tend to.

However, since moving out on my own after college, I have consistently taken up employment, and consequently residence in urban areas. This has led to me living in many different apartments with all different types of people and animals, but never has it led to me having my own yard or garden.

So, in my first apartment I decided that the way that I would have to solve this problem would be to bring some plants into my home. I wanted a small, green, leafy tree, and thought that perhaps some color in the windows would be nice.

My friend’s mother, who had lived in the apartment previous to my occupancy warned me repeatedly that she had never been able to keep any plants in the house, and wished me luck, but did not foresee mine being much different than her own.

My luck, as it turns out, was not much different from hers. My three daisies and my small palm tree died within three months, despite regular watering and tons of tender loving care.

The sunlight and climate in the apartment were just not suitable to plant life, it seems. For a while, I gave up. I decided that plants were not meant to be indoors, and that I would just have to do without. Then, I went to a friend’s apartment one night. She worked at a plant nursery and to say that she took her work home with her would be a staggering understatement.

She had over forty different plants of all different types. Small plants, flowering plants, trees, hanging plants, and even fresh herbs in her kitchen. She told me that having a plant for every one hundred square feet of your home could drastically improve the air quality.

A few weeks later, she went away for a week and asked me to take care of the plants while she was gone, explaining how they were sectioned to how they needed to be taken care of. After successfully taking care of an entire indoor jungle for a whole week, I felt much better about my capability to take care of indoor plants.

In my next apartment, I bought another palm tree and researched how to take care of it vigorously before it moved in with me. It grew healthily the entire time I lived in that apartment. Recently, I moved into a more spacious apartment with two floors, and I think that my square footage has increased dramatically. So, while I still do not have my own space for a garden or yard, I think that I may need a few more plants to keep the air quality up around here.

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