Eco Friendly Moving Boxes


We have all heard of them. They are on tv, they are on the radio, and they are taught to us in school. What am I talking about? Campaigns to save the environment. Whether you choose to pay attention to these campaigns or not, the environment is in desperate need of some help.

With all the global warming warnings and natural disasters occurring world-wide, more and more people are doing their part to rescue our environment. From recycling to preserving our natural resources, there are things that we can all do. So, if you are moving, why not start with eco friendly moving boxes?

If you want to purchase eco-friendly moving boxes, you have 2 options. Your first option is recyclable cardboard boxes. When purchasing these boxes, be sure to mention to your supplier that you want eco-friendly cardboard boxes. There are many boxes out there that look just like a cardboard box, but that are actually made out of everything but cardboard. Boxes such as these will not be recyclable, so be sure to steer clear of them.

Your second option, for eco friendly moving, is plastic containers. Like cardboard boxes, these containers can come in a variety of different sizes, adhering to all of your packing needs. While these bins may cost a little bit more than cardboard boxes, they are also reusable and are great for year round storage.

Aside from choosing the appropriate boxes and storage containers, there are also many other things that you can do to make your move more environmentally friendly. First off, before packing, sort through your personal belongings and search for items that you no longer need.

If you no longer have use for something, give it to a local charity or sell it for some extra cash. Not only will you be making extra money and clearing space for your new home, but you will also be reducing the number of boxes and bins that you need to purchase. By disposing of old, unneeded items you will be saving yourself money, as well as doing a service to the environment.

You can also make your move more environmentally friendly by purchasing eco-friendly packing supplies. Many of the packing supplies that we commonly use to keep our belongings free of damage (such as foam peanuts and bubble wrap) are not recyclable and produce a lot of extra waste. Instead of using these, try using things that you can find around your home. Towels, old sheets, and newspapers are all common household items that work great for packing.

When it comes to our environment we need to begin taking steps, as individuals, to protect and preserve it. Moving from one home to another gives us the perfect opportunity to do our part in protecting the environment. Search for eco-friendly moving boxes and supplies today, and do your part in saving the environment that you live in!

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