Easy DIY Home Decor With Old Clothes


If you’re currently redecorating your home, one of the best ways to come in under your budget and also secure a unique look all your own is to create your own decor. If you’re a seasoned DIY type, this could include crafting entire pieces of furniture from individual parts of your choosing.

For everyone else, you can still benefit greatly with just a bit of resourcefulness. If you start out by simply raiding your closet to pick out some old clothes, curtains, pillow cases, or sheets you haven’t used in a while, you’ll have all the makings of some of the easiest DIY home decor around. Here are some basic ideas to get you started:

Blankets And Throws

One sure-fire method for giving your couch or favorite chair a bit of new life is to drape a throw over the back. Any old cotton clothing or sheets can be cut into large square blocks and sewn together quilt-style.

You can choose a set color combination such as red and black for more of a refined aesthetic, or go all out with pop culture kitsch by using a bunch of old graphic tees. The former is an excellent choice for children’s bedrooms, game rooms, or of course, the man cave!

 Braided Rugs

Cut a few different pieces of old t-shirts, pants, or bed sheets into the longest strips you can and start braiding them together on a flat surface. Build outwards from the center until you have a large enough circle, square, or rectangle to stand on. With that, you’ll have a woven-style braided rug that’s perfect for placing under your furniture or back door. If you’re working with a limited palette, you might want to consider picking up some differently colored dyes to facilitate more visual flair.

Mounted Planters

Finally, you can use the braided approach once more to create ceiling mounted planters with a gorgeous home-made style. You can create whichever pattern you want of course, but a strong combination of two individual colors will often provide the strongest results. (Anything that matches with the rest of your room will obviously work best!) Just make sure your material is strong, preferably canvas or denim if not the heaviest cotton you have on hand.

Make a loop at the top with some strong twine, rubber bands, or cable ties wrapped underneath the opening for support. Smaller strips can be attached from there, all of which need to then be tied together around the top and bottom of your planter. You can add numerous bands up and down along the planter for support, preferably in a basket-woven style for visual flair.

Of course, that just scrapes the surface of what’s possible with DIY home decor. Using your old clothes for raw materials will save you a ton of cash, and your projects will be something you can feel truly proud of. Rest assured, anyone you have over for company will likely be incredibly jealous of your ingenuity!

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