DIY Tips for Home Repair


  Summer Time Maintance

Longer and warmer days mean most homeowners dedicate time to outdoor maintenance projects. Here’s a look at projects that take you outdoors and also tend to go most smoothly during the summer months.Get great tips at DIY Tips for Home Repair
Repair home exteriors, windows, and doors. Plan to paint? Summer is a great time for power-washing, sealing, and refinishing outdoor structures (such as decks or outbuildings). Many homeowners also lubricate doors, locks, sliding-glass doors, garage doors and window casings to prepare for swelling that can take place in hot and humid climates. Adding screened windows and doors is a great—and inexpensive—way to invite cool air into your home in lieu of running air conditioning if you live in a mild climate.
Keep cultivating the garden and “hardscaping.” During summer’s busy growing season, be sure to service lawn mowers and lubricate push mowers, and sharpen garden tools. Summer is also a good season for patching concrete, and repairing asphalt or cement patios and sidewalks. Wooden deck surfaces should be refinished annually with a sealant, and this can be done at any point during summer or before the cool weather comes in fall.

 Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan can be a welcome addition to any room. It allows for a more comfortable atmosphere during any season, whether it’s hot or cold outside. It can help keep electric bills down in the summer and help disperse the warm air more evenly in the winter. If you have reservations about installing one yourself, just check out this easy to follow guide to help you install a ceiling fan.
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Ceiling Fan
Swag Kit
Low-Ceiling Mount                                                                    Patented Support Unit                                                                    Neon Test Light                                                                ClawHammer                                                                            Wallboard or Compass Saw                                                              Stud LocatorElectrician’s Pliers                                                      Cable-Ripper                                                                                  Cable, Switch/Outlet Box, Switch, Box Connectors                        Wire-nuts, Switch Cover, Bonding Screw, Staples                      Mounting Kit                                                                                    Lock Washers                                                                                Angled-Ceiling Mount                                                                          4″ x 1-1/2″ Octagon Electrical Box                                                    No. 2 Phillips Screwdriver                                                              3/16″ Slotted Screwdriver                                                                Pliers                                                                                                  Soft Cloth

Mount brackets on old fixture box, attach assembled fan to brackets and wire fan according to wiring diagram that comes with fan restore power and turn on fan.More details can be seen at DIY Tips for Home Repairs

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