Cleaning Tips For Tile Roofing


It is very necessary to clean the roof tiles at regular intervals. Elements, like snow, rain, strong winds, heat and dust can make the roof tiles look dusty and unclean and more importantly, harbor deterioration. You can look up a cleaning tips for tile roofing for all the help needed in the endeavor. Houses that are surrounded by huge trees are known to assimilate a lot of dried leaves, mildew, and sap from the trees, moss etc that collect in the vicinity and especially on the roof and exterior walls, which have to be removed regularly.

If cleaning is not done at the right time, the chances of the moss and mildew spreading all over the roof and external structure are very high. Websites dedicated to the endeavor help understand how fungi can ruin the look of tile roofing and how removing it can become a cumbersome affair via slides and downloadable pictures. A particular method has to be followed for cleaning tiles on the roof.

The ladder should be long enough so that you can reach the roof comfortably. If you have one at your home, nothing like it, or else you can even borrow one from your neighbor. Besides the ladder you will need a garden hose, but make sure that a soft brush is attached to it so that dirt can be brushed off well with detergent without much effort. A spray bottle, some hot water, bleach, trisodium phosphate and a bucket to mix the ingredients – and you are sorted.

Precautions need to be taken to ensure that the water containing the cleaning solution drains out well, through the downpipes, and does not come in contact with plants. The roof could be slippery, so wearing a good pair of non skid boots would help greatly. A safety harness will be necessary if the roof is very high. Websites dedicated to the cleaning of tile roofs also spotlight the need for the sturdy ladder to be securely placed on the ground connecting the roof.

Gloves and goggles are essential while mixing cleaning solution with the hot water. Once the mixture is ready, all you do is pour it into the spray or power washer and carefully spray the solution on affected areas. With the use of the garden hose and a soft brush to scrub dirty surfaces, repeat the scrubbing process till the surface is completely clean. By looking up cleaning tips websites for tile roofing, being able to address an efficient cleaning job is empowered instantly. Make sure that the roof is cleaned at least once every season, to increase roof longevity. This allows you to check on the roof and move any objects that may increase incidence of leakage, or breakage.

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