Cleaning Tips For Outdoor Furniture


Just as indoor furniture requires regular dusting and cleaning, in the same way, outdoor furniture too calls for regular cleaning. Depending upon the type of outdoor furniture like wood, plastic, aluminum, wrought iron or teak, you need to follow a particular cleaning process. The online resources have proved to be a boon to every homeowner. The websites dedicated to outdoor furniture cleaning provide a range of information to look after patio and garden furniture.

You can enjoy the luxury and comfort of the furniture for years to come if you look after it well. Just cleaning it is not enough as it has to be prevented from damage too. Websites reveal that in order to maintain the look of your furniture in the outdoors and increase its lifespan, regular cleaning is necessary to help the components and materials to be able to sustain harsh environment in the outdoors.

Furniture made from cedar or teak is durable and can be kept outdoors with little maintenance, but succumb to the rains and winter. Cleaning the surface of teak wooden furniture with mild detergent and wiping it dry is more than enough. Wiping the furniture on a regular basis to prevent accumulation of a thick dust layer and grime helps increase its longevity. Websites also advise that if you are using a wood cleaner you need to make sure it suits the wood type and grain well.

Oil treatment on teak, once a year, increases its durability and keeps it shining all through the year. In case you have plastic furniture in the patio, then maintenance is not an issue. Furniture made from resin plastic is more durable but if the plastic is porous, then stains will be easily visible on its surface. Use mild detergent on a sponge to scrub the surface. If you have hammocks and patio umbrellas in the garden, they too can be cleaned with detergent. They can be left in the outdoors itself to dry well.

Some people prefer the idea of coating the hammocks and umbrellas with wax paste to make the cleaning process much easier in future. Wrought iron or plain iron furniture tends to rust easily in damp weather conditions. Coating the furniture with an anti rust paint every season prevents rusting. Whenever it rusts, you need to first sand it and then apply anti rust paint on it. A mild detergent can be applied first and then gently scrubbed off to remove stains and grime.

Leave it to dry in the sun for a day, after which you can apply wax paste to prevent it from rusting further. Painted and non painted aluminum furniture can be protected from the process of oxidation and loss of luster with the help of polishing paste on corroded areas. Ammonia is an alkaline chemical which can harm aluminum, so avoid it completely. Detergent or soap can be used for cleaning painted aluminum surfaces. Cleaning tips websites for outdoor furniture offer detailed information and free advice to help the endeavor. It’s true that caring for outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be a regular effort because it’s made to endure tough conditions. However, from time to time, keep an eye on the legs, and check for paint peeling off to prevent rusting.

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