Cleaning Tips for Brass


Brass items are used for various purposes in homes and offices around the world. Mankind has been using brass, which is made from an alloy of zinc and copper, the golden yellowish sturdy material for thousands of years. Different qualities of brass are produced by using copper and zinc in varying proportions. Due to its properties like resistance to corrosiveness, strength and a golden color that is simply striking, it is used in the making of a number or electrical appliances, instruments, bearings, coins, zippers, gears, etc.

Surface of this material could get tarnished if it is exposed to air, and because of this it is usually lacquered to prevent the stains. If a few cleaning tips for brass are followed, the metal can retain its shine for a number of years. There are various methods of cleaning brass. Make sure that the brass is original. This can be checked by placing a magnet on it and if it does not attract the magnet, it is original brass. If it sticks, then the brass item has been plated.

A simple procedure has to be followed for cleaning brass items. Some warm water, a rag or cotton, a toothbrush and a detergent; that is all you need. After making a soapy solution, dip the cotton or rag into it and wipe the surface clean. This is the gentlest way of cleaning the surface area. In case there are cracks on the item, then you can get them cleaned with the help of a toothbrush and the same solution.

A good idea is to use tomato ketchup to clean brass items! All you need to do is coat the surface with ketchup, leave it standing for sometime and then wash it off with water. Make sure the surface area is cleaned well or it will smell later. Cleaning brass with a mixture of water and milk is also effective as it contains lactic acid which is good for the alloy. The mixture should be boiled for a while, cooled and then used for best results. Even yogurt is considered by a lot of people for cleaning brass.

One thing you need to make sure is to wash the article well and dry the surfaces with a clean cloth. You could even make some brass cleaners at home. A paste of baking soda and lemon is considered an excellent home made product to clean brass. Take some of the paste and apply it on the surface of the brass item and then wash off with clean water. Make sure you dry it completely before you store or use the item. Any residue left would only tarnish the surface. It you keep the item to dry without wiping it, then water spots remain on its surface.

A solution created by mixing salt and vinegar is also considered excellent for cleaning brass. All you need to do is first pour some vinegar on the brassware and sprinkle salt over; and then with the help of a cloth rub this mixture on the entire surface and wipe it dry. If you want to make things easier, all you need to do is dip the cloth in vinegar and then wipe the brass item surface. If these cleaning tips for brass are followed you can retain the sheen of the alloy for years together.

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