Boxes For Moving: What You Need To Know


Boxes   For    Moving

When you are moving to a new home, you want to make sure that your personal belongings are protected. The first step to getting your belongings to your new home safely is to purchase the proper moving boxes. There are many different types of moving boxes available, so how do you know which boxes you will need and how many you will need?

To find out, continue reading this article. Throughout, we will discuss everything you need to know about moving boxes to help you move to your new home without any damaged items.

When moving, one of the first things you will need to do is determine which type, as well as how many, moving boxes you will need. For an average 5 to 6 room house, you will need approximately 20 small moving boxes, 11 medium sized moving boxes, 10 large moving boxes, and 4 extra large moving boxes.

You will also need about 5 heavy duty boxes, 6 wardrobe boxes, and 1 electronics box. Of course, these numbers are just an estimation. You may need more or less boxes, depending on the number of items that need to be packed.

Aside from regular packing boxes, you may also find the need to purchase some speciality boxes, which are designed to pack specific items. Artwork and mirrors, for example, may require you to purchase some speciality boxes that are tall and thin, allowing for a perfect fit. Other oddly shaped items, such as lamps, computers, and guitars may also require specialty packing boxes.

How do you pack boxes? When packing your boxes, be sure to pack things tightly to both avoid damage and to keep your expenses low. Also, while you want to pack tight, you also want to pack light. Packing too heavy could result in damaged boxes.

When packing, you will also want to make use of certain packing supplies such as bubble wrap and foam to help keep your items safe during the moving process. Finally, when packing be sure to label all boxes. This will make things much simpler for you as you unpack in your new home.

Where can you get regular and specialty moving boxes? Boxes used for moving can be purchased at moving retailers, at mail service stores, at office supply outlets, and online. When you order online, the boxes may take a few days to be sent, but will probably end up saving you money in the end. How?

Buying products online allows you to search through various retailers, giving you the ability to compare prices and go with the cheapest. When purchasing moving boxes, it is also a good idea to purchase in bulk. When you purchase in bulk, you are likely to get a better deal and save money.

If you are planning a move, start preparing now! Knowing what you need and purchasing your boxes ahead of time will give you plenty of time to pack so that you don’t need to leave everything until the last minute.

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