4 Things You Need To Know To Get Into Real Estate


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the real estate market has been heating up. If you’re interested in making a career change and are interested in real estate, this makes the timing of the 2020 pandemic a blessing in disguise, since it’s allowed many people to pivot to working from home and offered the ability to learn new skills. If watching episodes of Selling Sunset made you excited about the idea of becoming a real estate agent and running your own open houses to help buyers find a new home, you’re not alone. That being said, there are a lot of ins and outs to the real estate game and so it’s important to think carefully before you commit to becoming a real estate agent. Here are four things to keep in mind as you consider whether or not you want to get into the real estate business or not.

1. Know how to think creatively to meet your clients’ needs.

When it comes to meeting your clients’ needs as a real estate agent, creativity is a must. Of course, when people are looking for a new home, potential clients will likely make a long list of wants and must-haves. In some scenarios, a real estate agent or broker may need to get creative in order to offer them as much off of their wish list as possible without making too many compromises.

A great way to go about doing this is to think outside the box. While they may be stuck on location or price, shifting their attention to a nearby area that doesn’t impact their commute too much could really pay off in getting them the features they want. Similarly, it may be worth talking to them about different display homes for sale. While many potential clients only think about a display home as a way to see what sorts of features a contractor can add to the bedroom or bath, in actuality those same modular homes are sometimes able to be purchased outright at a lower price.

2. Get your realtor’s license.


While you don’t necessarily need a realtor’s license in addition to a real estate license in order to get work in the real estate industry, in order to really be the best real estate agent you can be, it’s a good idea to level up with as many licenses as you can get. Especially as a new real estate agent, your credibility is going to be paramount when it comes to making your first sale.

3. Cultivate an online presence.

One of the most important tips for becoming the best real estate agent in your area is to make sure that you have as wide of a sphere of influence as possible. Thankfully, social media makes it easier than ever to cultivate this sort of online presence, which can help potential buyers and sellers in your local market find you before other professionals. From running ads targeted at current renters or other prospective buyers to showcasing testimonials so new clients will see how great you are to work with, having a social media footprint is vital when so many potential buyers are browsing the internet for new homes on places like Zillow and Redfin in the first place.

4. See about working with an existing brokerage for credibility.

While it’s totally possible to be your own business owner, at the end of the day, one of the best ways to really become a successful real estate agent is by working with a team of professionals. Finding a brokerage of successful agents and working your way into that business can be a great way to build your experience and find clients while learning the ropes from other real estate agents in your area. Eventually, you might decide to start your own real estate brokerage, but as you’re just starting out there’s no shame in working for someone else as a real estate agent.

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